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External Funding

Landfill Communities Fund - Global to Local Foundation is registered with Entrust as an environmental body and we are able to offer partners across the UK the chance to apply for landfill tax moneys.

We have wide-ranging project development and management experience with environmental projects in the fields of biodiversity, energy, transport and mobility.

Our experts in the team have experience in Environmental Planning, Town Planning, Landscape Design and Parks Management. We also have the necessary administrative and financial expertise to be able to handle complex project administration.

LCF provides opportunities for community groups to access funding.






Example project:

Wandle Gateways: Global to Local Foundation has been successful in attracting funding of £265,000 from the Landfill Communities Fund for an exciting project on the Wandle River in the London Borough of Sutton. The funding for the works has been provided by the landfill operative company Viridor.

The challenge for Global to Local was to create gateways to the River Wandle which reflect the style and character of the surrounding areas. These range from semi-rural to industrial landscapes running through business estates. Some stretches run through suburban residential areas.

The project includes the creation of landscapes which will encourage wildlife and species which are rare in London and which will reduce the need for watering or intensive maintenance and which are adapted to climate change