Fay Blair

Fay Blair BSc (Environmental Sciences),
Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching,
Partnership Brokers Accreditation Scheme (PBAS),
Promoting Business Excellence (‘ProBE’) for Sustainable Business,
Environmental Auditors Registration Association

Tel: 01227 452950 or 07786 307 664

Key Skills:
Leadership and organisational development
- Partnership/ Process / Change leader / Process Management, Development and Evaluation
- Facilitation, Stakeholder dialogue and empowerment
- Improvement Advisor, Critical Friend and Mentor
- Training and Programme Development, Delivery and Evaluation
- Action Research, strategy and programme appraisal
- Sustainable Commissioning and Procurement, (advocacy, research, tools, case study and training and appraisal)
- Radical Efficiency, outcomes-based commissioning strategic services re-design, (‘Big society’ and social enterprise)

Key Experience:
-International: Local Government International Sustainable Development Co-ordinator (for LGA), UK Government Delegation for World Summit on Sustainable Development (2002) process. Peer consultancy Education for Sustainable Development research with South Africa (Cape Town)
- EU: Facilitator and Process Designer for workshops and conferences ‘Ecostiler’ part of the Concerto Programme; Aalborg+10; ICLEI Buy-it-Green Network; ICLEI Procura+ Campaign UK Co-ordinator;
-National: Local Governance Advisor to the UK Sustainable Development Commission; Defra’s Public Sector Food Procurement Initiative - training development and rollout with all English Regions for public sector and suppliers, producers and growers;
Advisor (for 5+ years) to the National Sustainable Commissioning and Procurement Programme and Stakeholder Group and input to the National Sustainable Public Procurement Training Programme development and evaluation;
National Forum Facilitator for Wrap (Plastics and Real Nappy Campaigns); WWF-UK Organisational Development Advisor;
Action Researcher (Visiting Fellow) for policy into practice and social change for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation with the Sustainable Cities Research Institute, Northumbria University;
Partnership Broker for the NCSL sponsored ‘Cultiv8’ Project (Joint working with area based schools on leadership for sustainability development work)
- London: Process Design and Facilitation for the London Sustainable Development Commission (Awayday and Quality of Life Indicators Stakeholder Events)
- Regional: Government Office, Regional Centres of Excellence (and later Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnerships) and RDA training and toolkit appraisals, mapping and eco-efficiency in public sector supply chains
- Local: 20 years’ experience in: Community Strategy policy and practice development and appraisal; Best Value and CPA and CAA support, Sustainable Procurement baseline assessments (local authorities across regions in England); innovation and social enterprise support work, Advisor to Local Strategic Partnerships on climate change and environmental leadership; Stakeholder engagement and empowerment.
Approved Local Improvement Advisor (IDeA/CLG);