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Cuts in the Public Sector: the Need for Innovative Thinking
There are few public sector organisations which are exempt from having to critically analyse their budgets at the moment.

But rather than being seen as a threat, the current situation can be perceived as an opportunity. It opens up the possibility of critically evaluating the services which you provide with a view to introducing positive change, sustainability and greater value for money.


Local Authority Cost Savings -
Reducing the Bottom Line

What Global to Local Can Offer

  • A free consultation and written concept note indicating our initial impressions
  • Interviews with key members of staff and lead politicians
  • Workshop/presentation to explain proposals
  • Evaluation of budgets (including income and expenditure)
  • Drafting of proposals
  • Drafting of Action Plan for implementation
  • Regular assistance or at key stages of implementation through to full adoption..

Analysis Areas
There are a number of areas which we can analyse on either a whole
organisation or departmental basis. These include:

  • Staffing (improving in-house  effectiveness, outsourcing, partnerships , etc.)
  • Operations (use of plant and equipment, etc.)
  • Activities (key service areas)
  • “Big Society” (delegated management, volunteer support, access to external funding)
  • Management (structure and job functions)
  • Public/private partnership (franchises, etc.)
  • External funding (grants, etc.)
  • Property review (including opportunities for alternative use and for reducing service and utilities costs).

For an informal discussion or free initial consultation call
Peter Joyce on 07950 962560 or Dennis Holmes on 07753 686111








We offer expertise in the following areas:

  • Parks and open spaces
  • Sport and leisure
  • Environmental health and protection
  • Street cleansing and refuse collection
  • Development control
  • Human resources