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Procurement, Advocacy & Engagement

We have long argued that for the ambitions of sustainable procurement to succeed a systematic management approach is needed.

We have assisted ESPO (East Shires Purchasing Organisation) with developing a framework for mainstreaming sustainability into their operations.





Example projects:

Workshops in support of roll out of Public Sector Food Procurement Initiative: We supported DEFRA in the rollout of this initiative across all English Regions. We produced a guide and extensive training material and ran workshops for purchasers, producers and growers

National Sustainable Procurement and Commissioning Programme Group: We provide programme officer support providing research, co-ordination, facilitation and advocacy of the National Stakeholder Group and the whole life costing working group.

Birmingham City Council’s Forward Commitment Procurement (FCP): We led the high level stakeholder engagement for the inception of work in conjunction with the Carbon Free Group.

Facilitation and Network Management: We have contributed to many platforms for conference and workshop presentation, facilitation and network management over the years for Defra and OGC, IDeA and the RCE /IEPs.